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2008-09-01 10:46:36 by lillewilli

i'm now working on a new movie (since nobody wants to voice act HeadBam), but this is for school.
yeah, u heard right, i have to make a flash movie in homework! best homework ever, i think. it's for the french. a french movie about what the guys have done in the summerholiday. i think it's really cool, to be my first movie in flash, but when i look at MarcyVF and other cool guys on newgrounds, i don't think my work it's so good. but then i do something else, and so i think my work is cool, so that's how my days goes. here is a preview from the movie. and remember: I'M NOT FRENCH!



2008-08-04 18:57:16 by lillewilli

Yez gaiiz, here comes one preview from my new flash. It's called HeadBAM! It's very short, but that's the point of the humour :P Remember this is my SECOUND flash, so i'm a n00b.

BTW; I need a voice actor, so if someone wants to, so just send me a PM ;)


begining! wee ^-^

2008-07-07 17:22:04 by lillewilli

YaaaY !
Finaly i'm going to start making flash movies! wee ^-^ It takes a lot of time, so I havent started before now! I have made som Bad movies before, in ten secounds or something, but now I am going to make som real FLASH! :D